Want to know about Yarnoholics?

Want to know about Yarnoholics?

Hi, there. I'm new to blogging, so ... bear with me!

Here's the long and short of it.

My name is Kathleen Van Horn. I was originally the pattern editor for another company who was importing these gorgeous yarns from Japan. Years after that company closed, I was getting requests for these yarns (as my contact info was on the backs of the published patterns). So I worked with Diakeito to bring the yarns back into the U.S. 

Although, originally, I was distributing the yarns to local yarn shops, they price point was making it out of reach for most of us (me included!)  I wanted more knitters, crocheters and weavers to experience the wonderful hand, feel and colors of these unusual and desirable yarns. This is why I began selling direct to the consumer and not the local stores.

I am a one-woman-show, so please bear with me as I add more product - yarns, patterns and even tools - to my website. And don't ever hesitate to contact me.