Easy Miter Poncho Kit 3 ball special

Easy Miter Poncho Kit 3 ball special


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2, 3 or 4 balls make this fun to wear, easy go-to poncho!  Worked from the top down, make it long, make it short. You can decide as you go. Dress it up with a crochet lace border (not included in basic pattern kit) or beads -

Short poncho uses about 350 yards. Long poncho uses about 470 yards.

Kit includes yarn and pattern. Each kit will be unique and each is VERY LIMITED,  oftentimes only one is available! Find yours and get it quick!

Kit 301 - 348 yards DiaCinema, DiaLume, Tasmanian Merino Amore
Kit 302 - 449 yards: Tasmanian Merino Malti, Tasmanian Merino Amore, Rococo
Kit 303 - 374 yards: DiaDomina, Tasmanian Merino, DiaLume
Kit 304 - 449 yards: DiaFida, Rococo, Tasmanian Merino Amore

Many combination of yarn choices, and more added, so check back often.

Red poncho pictured used 1 ball Mohair Deux and 1 ball DiaDomina
Green poncho pictured used 1 ball Mohair Deux, 1 ball Tasmanian Merino Malti and 1 ball Dia Costa Nuova.

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